Launch pad for start-ups with a social purpose raises £1.3m

    Fairphone, one of Bethnal Green Venture’s graduates, is committed to manufacturing ethical devices CREDIT: FAIRPHONE An accelerator for start-ups with a social purpose has raised £1.3m to expand its programme and create a larger fund for early stage businesses. Bethnal Green Ventures, whose programme develops technology companies looking to solve a social problem at the […]

    Seven Quotes From Muslim Women To Inspire You Today

    Bundled into the term “marginalized” is the message that people who belong to those groups don’t have their voices heard enough. In American society in the Trump era, there are few groups more marginalized than Muslim women — so now is the perfect time to elevate their voices. Here are seven quotes from Muslim women […]

    Podcasts are a private pleasure in public places

    Officials escort Adnan Syed, subject of the ‘Serial’ podcast, from the courthouse following a hearing for a retrial in Baltimore in February 2016 If you’ve heard one story about Charles Dickens’s power as the king of the cliffhanger, you’ve heard the story of The Old Curiosity Shop. By 1841, subscribers across the world were addicted […]

    Motivation: 58 Year Old Mark Solomon Hang Snatches 113kg

    Mark Solomon, 59, is a personal trainer and strength coach at Buffalo BarBell Club based in Buffalo, NY. On top of his coaching, he’s been a weightlifter for many years as well. At the young age of 59, Solomon continues to lift big weights and show off his impressive mobility. One of Solomon’s lifting videos was […]

    Here Are the Podcasts That Influencers Turn to for Inspiration

    With a wealth of insight on every topic imaginable, podcasts are becoming almost as popular as music as a source for inspiration. We asked some adland decision-makers to share their top podcast picks for helping to foster creativity. Britt Dougherty, VP-Consumer Insights and Engagement, MillerCoors NPR’s “How I Built This.” I’m always looking for things […]

  • NEWS
    Fox News pulls Judge Napolitano over his Trump wiretap claims

    Judge Andrew Napolitano, the senior judicial analyst for Fox News, is being kept off the air indefinitely. (Jim Watson / AFP/Getty Images) Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano is being kept off the air indefinitely amid the controversy over his unverified claims that British intelligence wiretapped Trump Tower at the behest of former […]

  • LIFE
    Recoded organism paves way to new genetic language of life

    A form of life that uses a fresh genetic “language” could be just a few years away. This comes after geneticists used a new technique to recode 5 per cent of the Salmonella bacterium’s genome, introducing a record number of engineered changes into a single organism. Now the race is on to recode the entire […]

    6 Stressful Things New Entrepreneurs Never See Coming

    By the time you actually start your business, you’re already prepared for how hard entrepreneurship is. You’ve been told by classmates, friends, family members, peers, investors and partners that you’ll need to put in long hours, work nights and weekends and solve ridiculously hard challenges to eventually be successful. Related: 10 Things That Stress Out Entrepreneurs More Than […]

    Missed chance to build on success of The Illusionist

    Scotland’s animation industry missed the opportunity to capitalise on its Oscar success, according to a report. Animators from Scotland and Europe worked on The Illusionist, a critically acclaimed film released in 2010. The feature film, which was set in Scotland, went on to receive Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe nominations. However, a report commissioned by […]

    5 Things Startups Can Learn From Digital Transformation

    Digital transformation has many market leaders scrambling to adopt new tactics and reshape their company cultures to mirror the leanness, flexibility and agility of successful startups that are rocking the commercial boat. Recently, several industries have experienced major disruptions due to startup companies making waves and striking out against the status quo. Digital transformation hinges on […]