From the streets ofthe Far East

    Delectable Saigon Pho, creamy rendang curry, tender coconut ice cream… Va Pho has a slew of Oriental tricks up its sleeve A white bowl is plonked down in front of me. I peer curiously into it — chunks of beef nestled in a bed of rice noodles greet me. Warm, translucent broth is then poured […]

    To Be Successful, You Must Pursue Learning Relentlessly

    Ergoseal is an industry-leading mechanical seal provider to OEMs in the pump, compressor and blower production industries. With a focus on specialty designs for a variety of industrial applications, it continues to successfully blend the beneficial attributes of mechanical face and non-contacting seal types for our customers. CEO and President Tom Hilaris knows that in order to be […]

    9 Ways Anxiety Can Be Your Greatest Source of Power

    It seems every time we turn around someone is talking about how they “have” anxiety, as if all anxiety is a disorder. Well, it is not. There is a generalized anxiety we should all have. After all, we are floating around on a ball in the middle of space. How can that not be anxiety provoking? […]

  • LIFE
    The gem on Melbourne’s outskirts that’s getting new life

    For a township of 2000 people, Gembrook in Melbourne’s outer south-east packs a punch, largely thanks to Puffing Billy which terminates on its main street. Every year, 400,000 visitors step off the century-old steam train and into the historic town, where many of the buildings have been restored and converted into modern businesses. An old […]

    Podcasting Has Become the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

      Podcasting has officially replaced patriotism and prayer as being the last refuge of scoundrels. First, last year, Lance Armstrong launched The Forward, where he gets to hobnob with the kind of luminaries he probably hung out with all the time before doping (and lying about doping) got him expelled from polite society. Now, in […]

  • Peace, love and houseplants: podcasts of the week

    Tissues at the ready! Illustration: Rowan Slaney Welcome back to Hear Here! This week has been a bit of a downer for me (not including the most excellent Penguin Day). My cat died for one thing (RIP Bosley-Ann) and I’ve been working with people who struggle needlessly because of ideology; it’s all made me very […]