What startups can learn from flea markets about competition, customers

    Some things books can never teach. I was reminded of this valuable lesson during a recent visit to Dubai’s Global Village. Designed like a flea market, the village brings together sellers and merchants from 90 countries. During the three hours I spent walking around, manufacturers and artisans tried to sell me everything under the sun—from […]

  • Motivation for Creation

    Ominous forecasts speculate that technological innovations will replace many occupational opportunities. To combat this looming calamity, creativity is being hailed as the skill of the future. Humans who conceptualize various alternatives to solve problems in original ways will likely excel and flourish. What is Creativity? Understanding the rapidly evolving field of creativity is complex, but a basic […]

  • ‘Insect apocalypse’ poses risk to all life on Earth, conservationists warn

     The study also indicates that insects, including bees, are vanishing due to damage to nature. Photograph: Rodrigo Garrido/Reuters The “unnoticed insect apocalypse” should set alarm bells ringing, according to conservationists, who said that without a halt there will be profound consequences for humans and all life on Earth. A new report suggested half of all […]

  • LIFE
    Ramit Sethi’s Advice For How To Live A Rich Life

    What does it mean to be rich? If you were to pose this question to a random sampling of folks on the street, you’d likely receive wildly different answers. Some may think of being rich as simply making a lot of money or having a lot of money. Others may not define a rich life […]

  • Motivation Matters: What goes wrong with teams?

    Large and small businesses have come to value the benefits of taking a team approach across the board. From creative brainstorming to adaptive problem-solving, well-constructed teams bring to bear the kind of collaborative thinking and acting needed in today’s uber-competitive marketplace. Teamwork and team building are two heavily studied areas when looking at the performance […]

    How To Keep Productivity High When Motivation Is Low

    I consider myself a highly motivated individual. I often have no problem connecting to my ambition when it comes to getting work done. However, we all inevitably go through periods when our energy is at an all-time-low, we feel removed from the work we’re doing and we’d rather be on vacation (or in bed watching Netflix) […]

    How Entrepreneurs Are Connecting the World With IoT

    Some have dubbed the Internet of Things, or IoT, the “Intelligence of Things,” and even the “Internet of Everything.” Whatever they call it, there is no doubt that IoT has been steadily emerging and shaping our future. Put simply, IoT eliminates the need for human interaction with other humans or computers to transfer data. IoT already […]

    20 short positive quotes which will brighten up your day

    20 short positive quotes which will brighten up your day You can do it! Start your day off on the right foot each morning with these beautiful good morning motivational quotes. This collection of morning quotes is perfect for anyone looking for the right way to begin their day with meaningful words as their guide. […]

    How To Journal Your Way To Success

    Paper journals have had a resurrection in recent years. While keeping track of your calendar on your phone is better than paper, (remember Filofaxes?), keeping track of other things in your life separate from your smartphone can actually improve productivity. Whether it’s a feeling you are trying to explore or a task that must be […]