Podcasts : Sound byte of millennials

    The concept of listening to episodic series of digital audio has caught the attention of Gen-Y, who are always looking for engaging content. Listeners claim, they enjoy listening to podcasts on history, pop culture, fiction, finance, technology, etc while stuck in traffic, doing mundane tasks or exercising. BENGALURU:Radhika Dutt, a 25-year-old chartered accountant, travels between […]

    Incredible pop music podcasts you need to subscribe to

    f the internet has taught us anything, there’s now more than one way to enjoy the music that we listen to. Rather than just consume it as it is, nowadays we seek out articles online that pick through a song or album’s themes, the references in videos, or what an artist is saying about their […]

  • 18 podcasts to listen to while stuck in 2018 Memorial Day traffic

    With the holiday weekend quickly approaching, it’s time we accept the inevitable. We’re all going to be stuck in traffic. No matter where we are. No matter how far in advance we plan for it. Whether it’s to the beach or to the pool, to granny’s or to graduation ceremonies at the University of Delaware. The […]

    Here’s why odd rituals actually work for successful people

    Do rituals work? The answer to this question is it depends on who you ask. But for these successful people, doing some odd rituals actually help them stay ahead. Here’s why. According to Inc., some of the most successful people are doing their rituals no matter how odd they may seem. This is typical in elite […]

    17 Incredible Employee Perks of Successful Companies (Infographic)

    The key to a successful company comes down to its employees. And what better way to cultivate positive morale around the office than offer some awesome perks. At least, that’s what a number of today’s most successful businesses have figured out. Just take a look at companies like Clif Bar, Dropbox, Airbnb, Starbucks and more. Related: The Well-Being […]

    The Six Components Of A Successful Business Website

    Shutterstock Starting a business from scratch can be a draining, exhilarating and terrifying journey. When the initial adrenaline of simply beginning the process wears off and the smoke clears, what is left on the ground floor is your business concept, a select group of people around you and your stellar work ethic. Once you have […]

    Best Start-Ups For Tech-Challenged Entrepreneurs

    While tech startups get the most attention, non-tech startups represent a significant opportunity for success and growth, particularly with overwhelming competition in most tech sectors. Five startup concepts which do not rely on tech are examined, offering entrepreneurs a quick path to startup success. Tech startups may be the most visible, but they certainly aren’t […]

    These Indian Startups Are Making It Easier For Mothers To Return To Work After Maternity Leave

    In many early stage, work-intensive startups, women fear being sidelined after taking maternity breaks but the ecosystem is coming together to enable more female participation. (Image: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images) Despite being one of the hottest startup destinations in Asia, India throws up some skewed statistics when it comes to gender. Only 27% of the […]

    Nine startups with promise

    Neha Motwani and Jayam Vora, founders, Fitternity Image: Aditi Tailang, Location courtesy: Reset Bandra west For nearly two decades, India has been at the forefront of a startup revolution. From Zomato and Flipkart to Ola, startups in Asia’s third-largest economy have been flush with funds and are busy building billion-dollar empires. As investors continue to […]