• Caring for Your First Horse

    A horse is a large responsibility, but can also be a rewarding experience. If you are just starting with your first horse, there are many things to consider when it comes to the care of a large animal. Here are some of the aspects of horse care that you need to prepare for before you […]

  • Having Your Correspondence Handled Professionally

    As a global business person, you may not be at home a great deal during the week. You might be gone more than you are home, in fact. Your work may take you to all corners of the world. Despite being gone from home, mail will still come to your home without fail. Rather than […]

  • 4 Ways to Encourage Your Child in STEM

    Maybe your child has expressed an interest in something like chemistry or biology. Maybe they’re a natural with numbers, and you want to help them capitalize on that. Whatever your reasons for encouraging your child in STEM fields, here are just four ways to help them discover their passion for science, technology, engineering or mathematics. […]

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    How to ensure success for your digital marketing company

    Whether you are just starting up in business or a long running company wishing to modernize their ways, success in today’s competitive, global market is dependent on a good online presence and reputation. A digital marketing company can help you if you need them. Here are some top tips for getting the most from your […]

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    Repairing Your Online Reputation after a Disaster

    All businesses and organizations can at some point come across a crisis in a public relations. Everybody is now under scrutiny from both the public and media. Some certain Industries do have an added reputational vulnerability, particularly airlines, Leisure, and tourism. And then, they are the politicians and the celebrities, of course. If disaster has […]

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    The Benefits of Using Virtual Collaboration Software

    One of the biggest problems facing virtual teams is how to communicate and work together. Without collaboration and communication, it is not possible to make sure that every worker is doing what they are supposed to be doing. Not just that, it becomes impossible to build trusting and authentic relationships. In most cases, the reason […]

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    Getting to Know the 226j Letter

    Recently, the IRS has started to send out the 226j letter. This letter is a proposal to assess ESRPs, which are Employer Shared Responsibility Payments, as part of the ACA, which is the Affordable Care Act. Essentially, the IRS will send out this letter if it has determined that at least one of the employees […]

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    E Commerce ERP Integration and Why You Need it

    E commerce ERP integration happens when a business’ eCommerce website coordinates with its accounting and inventory, or ERP system, which is at the back-end of the organization. When these things are properly integrated, then information can flow in both directions between the different systems. As a result, data only has to be entered one time, […]

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    An Overview of Free Background Checks for Employment

    It is now increasingly common for employers to complete a background check on potential applicants. Sometimes, they use free background checks for this, although they are not legally allowed to base their employment decisions on sources that haven’t been pre-approved. Most of the time, however, they will use a free check and then opt for […]