6 Innovative Ways to Motivate Your Employees

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One of the key challenges in today’s workplace as a business owner is keeping your employees engaged and motivated. Your employees have a huge influence on the success of your company, and it’s tough to ensure all workers are equally contributing and trying their best. A motivated employee is typically more productive, reliable, and upbeat. Engaged employees also help businesses that rely on customers because of their positive attitude and strong work ethic. Disengaged employees can sometimes be a liability. Here are six ways to help motivate your team.

  1. Offer Leadership Opportunities

One of the most impactful motivation tools is to give your team more leadership opportunities. Offering employees a potential spot for advancement can help motivate them to work harder to please your management team. Leaders in your company also need to demonstrate top skills to the rest of the team, which could help push supervisory employees to do their best work. It’s recommended to give your new supervisory team a boost in pay as well to compensate them for the new responsibilities.

  1. Foster Creativity

Business experts also recommend company owners work harder to foster more creativity in the workplace. Employees can help develop new ideas for your organization and help design better solutions to problems. In a supportive workplace, employees who approach you with an idea are welcomed and nurtured. This openness helps your staff members feel more comfortable trying new things and taking risks. It can also give your company more innovative ideas and push you towards reaching your goals.

  1. Encourage Life Breaks

Focusing on the workplace and ignoring the human side of your employees isn’t the best idea if you want to keep your team motivated. Everyone who works for you has a life outside of work. This may look like family commitments, hobbies, or other issues impacting daily life. It’s essential to encourage your team to take breaks regularly to deal with life’s responsibilities. Working at a high level for hours without a break can lead to burnout and plummeting motivation.

  1. Employ an Organizational Manager

Some companies take employee happiness and engagement more seriously than others and have created a position on the team dedicated to keeping workers engaged. This may look like a human resources staff member or someone called an organizational manager. An expert in this field typically has a master’s in organizational development from a school like ACU and focuses on strategies to keep the team positive and productive by creating beneficial programs, counseling workers, and identifying areas of need.

  1. Create Special Rewards

Achieving at work is another way employees feel more connected to their company and more engaged. Business owners can take advantage of this by designing special rewards for various tasks and achievements. Money is definitely a great motivator, but you can look beyond financial incentives to keep things fun. Some employers reward their team by having a special catered lunch or letting employees go home early one day. Other unique incentive ideas are hiring an ice cream truck, taking your team bowling, giving away a vacation, or awarding prizes for employee sales contests.

  1. Make Things Interesting

Lastly, employees can feel more excited about being at work if you strive to keep things interesting. In the office, make it more fun by bringing in unique pieces of office furniture or nontraditional decor. Schedule spirit days at work to allow employees to wear their favorite sports jersey or pajamas to the office. Designate a day where employees can bring their dog to work.

If you follow some of these tips, you could see an improvement in the overall attitude your employees demonstrate at work. This way, your business could be impacted with a stronger workforce and more productivity.

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