All it takes it a little moisture to do some serious damage to your home, especially if it goes undetected for months or years. While repairs can be made after problems like this have been discovered, you’ll save yourself needless frustration and expense by taking steps to prevent moisture problems before they occur. One thing you can do to achieve this goal is to waterproof your exterior foundation walls, a process that has several advantages, including the ones discussed below.

1. More Protection Than Interior Waterproofing

Sure, interior basement waterproofing can effectively keep water out of your basemen, but it’s not going to keep water out of your exterior walls. It’s also in wall spaces where water can interact with insulation, paint, electrical wiring, and anything that may be inside of or applied to your exterior walls. By waterproofing foundation walls, you’ll enjoy an added layer or protection from these potential risks.

2. Protection from Mold and Mildew

Humidity and moisture are the two main conditions that contribute to the development and growth of mold and mildew. This type of growth can occur within your foundation walls if they have cracks or spots were moisture can accumulate. When hidden in or under foundation walls, mold and mildew may not be noticed until you start experiencing problems with indoor air quality from escaped mold spores or seeing signs of growth along your exterior foundation walls.

3. Preventing Serious Structural Damage

Water leaking in through your exterior foundation walls can moisten other parts of your foundation. What you may experience if your foundation is compromised is serious structural damage. If not caught early, such damage can be costly to correct.

4. Increasing Living Space

If you combine interior basement waterproofing with waterproofing of your exterior foundation walls, you’ll have a basement that’s more likely to remain dry throughout the year. This means you can consider turning your basement into an extension of your home’s living space without concerns about dampness or surprise leaks during storms. You might, for instance, convert it into a family entertainment space, or even an extra bedroom or guestroom.

Waterproofing exterior foundation walls can also provide a nice boost to your home’s value. Plus, you’ll have a compelling unique selling point should you decide to put your home on the market in the future. Lastly, you might enjoy added energy efficiency since foundation walls that are waterproofed are also not likely to be a place where air can enter or escape your home.

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