14 Quotes From the Show House That Sum Life up Pretty Well

If I were to do a ranking of my all-time favorite television characters, Gregory House would probably be in my top 5.  There’s never been a smarter, crass, cocky, egotistic, yet all of us clinging to the hope that there’s a sense of decency and humanity (which there is) kind of a guy than Dr. House.   Hugh Laurie will always be known for his multi-award winning performances as the genius doctor who appears to be the only one in the world able to solve the medical world’s most complicated cases.  And he does it in a way that’s completely unethical with zero regard for anyone and anything.  And yet we all loved him.  That to me is the sign of a fantastic character.

While it’s hard to call him a “bad guy” the amount of lives he hurt emotionally are countless despite his life saving efforts.   If there’s one thing that show was not short on it was “smart” humor.  And by that I mean House displaying how much smarter he was than anyone else.   While there are plenty of scenes we can point to, here are 14 awesome quotes from Dr. House that sum up life pretty well:


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