Can protein startups and their investors take on Big Cow?

    For many of us, our first experience with fake meat involves rubbery tofu that tastes more like sneaker sole than seared filet. As we forage on, next come the veggie burgers, the soy dogs, the meatless meatballs, the caramel-brown vacuum-sealed lumps called field roasts. Eventually, we grow accustomed to these chewy, protein-dense, vaguely meat-like foodstuffs. […]

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    ICICI Prudential to take over Sahara India Life Insurance

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd will take over Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd with effect from July 31, 2017. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) on Friday issued an order in accordance with Section 52 B (2) of the Insurance Act, 1938 to this effect. In a first of its kind development […]

    States Take Steps to Entice Minority Marijuana Entrepreneurs

    Some states that have legalized marijuana are encouraging minorities to enter the growing cannabis industry after years of drug enforcement that had a disproportionate effect on black and Hispanic communities. A look at some of the efforts nationwide: ___ CALIFORNIA California voters legalized recreational marijuana in November. The first retail sales are expected in January. […]

    Why Mothers Should Take The Entrepreneurship Plunge

    The hand that rocks the cradle can rule the world. This well-known saying may sound clichéd but it is true never the less. However, first let us examine why a mother should start her entrepreneurship journey? In days gone by the woman’s role was that of a homemaker not only in India but around the […]

    How PPP model is Helping Indian Industry Projects Take a Lead

    Startups are paving way to innovation such that could, if partnered with, lead to the making India a global leader in terms of technology. Government-based projects in India are attracting high-end technological advancement proposed by the great minds of this country. Several startups that are focused on advanced technology for managing or optimizing infrastructure operations […]

    One Habit Multi-millionaires Have That You Need to Take Up

    When I launched The Pursuit and began interviewing leading entrepreneurs, bestselling authors, multi-millionaires and celebrities, I expected to find some commonalities. My guests — like Tony Robbins, Barbara Corcoran, Gary Vaynerchuk, Rachael Ray and many more — employ thousands. In total, they are worth more than $850 million, and collectively they have written more than 20 […]

    19 Things You’ll Need to Take Your Business Mobile

    Working from a home office has become a pretty standard practice for many entrepreneurs. In fact, some have even taken telecommuting to the next level by taking their businesses completely mobile. Whether you travel to meet with clients or just like working from new and different places, a mobile office can help you get out […]

    High Tech Entrepreneurs, Take Note of This New Heart Device (Watch)

    This Robot Beats Just Like The Heart It’s Wrapped Around An Asteroid Possibly Worth $10,000 Quadrillion Is NASA’s New Mission Indonesia’s Zoos That Aren’t ‘Decent’ Still Might Not Close World Temperature Continues To Be A Hot Topic For Third Year In A Row How do you treat a failing heart? That’s a complicated question, and […]

    Read “Uninvested” to Take Control Back From Wall Street

    I feel like I should start this book review with one of those “This is intended for mature audiences” warnings. Depending on your involvement in the financial industry, you might be disgusted. You might be insulted. You might even be dubious. Personally, I was left with this attitude of “Sure, just one more thing to […]