Now, a calculator can estimate success of kidney transplant outcome

    The US researchers have developed a calculator, which can estimate the functioning of a kidney after transplantation. The study says, that the calculator estimates the likelihood that a given patient who receives a kidney transplant from a particular living donor would have a functioning kidney 5 and 10 years after transplantation. Researchers from the University […]

    Now A New Entrepreneurship Development Program For Startups

    Now A New Entrepreneurship Development Program For Startups HYDERABAD: TiE Hyderabad & Woxsen School of Business today announced the launch of TiE-Woxsen Entrepreneurship Development Program 2017. “The program will give startup entrepreneurs the chance to connect with each other and improve their entrepreneurship skills”, TiE Hyderabad said in a statement. Under this program 20 start-ups […]

    The 50 Best Podcasts Right Now

    The podcast renaissance shows no signs of letting up. The impulse to retreat into downloadable radio shows appears to be more appealing than ever, and S-Town, the much-anticipated new series from the producers of 2014’s blockbuster Serial, just dropped seven episodes on Tuesday. Once you’ve made your way through the mystery about a man in […]

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    10 Small Changes You Can Make to Your Business Right Now

    When running a business, you can’t continue using the same methods and expect your business to grow. You have to actually make changes and updates as technology and trends evolve. Members of our small business community are acutely aware of the importance of making changes to take small businesses to the next level. Here are […]

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    Yes, You CAN Now Make Video Calls on Slack

    Team messaging platform Slack is introducing video calls to its range of features. For Slack, which has been described as an instant messaging and collaboration system on steroids, the addition of video calling has been a long time coming. But now that it is, watch out! Slack has a great messaging system, collaboration features and […]

    Anil Dash of Dashes.com: Blogging & Business Then And Now

    Small Business Trends: about your background? Anil Dash: I am a blogger first and foremost, and I have been blogging at Dashes.com for 13 years. That has taught me a little bit about how the tech world works and about how the media world works. Small Business Trends: Are you surprised at where we are […]