Want to succeed in life? You must take the leap of faith into the unknown

    Most people spend a lot of time and energy trying to avoid risk at all costs. But the most successful people know that major breakthroughs in life, business, science, technology and even politics cannot occur without taking risk. I listened recently to a podcast called “When to Jump” where Sheryl Sandberg, the Chief Operating Officer […]

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    Album Review: Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Meaning of Life’

    Who wouldn’t cotton to the idea of Kelly Clarkson unleashed? She remains not just the very first singer to have emerged from America’s preoccupation with televised singing playoffs but still far and away the worthiest. Finding a style worthy of her has been spotty, though. Hitting her 30s, Clarkson seemed to find her pop stride, but she followed her […]


    You probably wouldn’t think a subterranean a cave where light fears to tread is any place for things to spawn, but Belgian zoologist Gaetan Borognie has been to this literal Upside Down. According to Motherboard, Borognie dared to venture 12,000 feet beneath the surface back in 2009 to search for a creature that could possibly tell […]

  • Into the void: the fast life and shocking death of a wingsuit-flying superstar

    ‘You are the bird, every twitch can move you this way or that’… Polli flies off Pedra da Gávea, near Rio de Janeiro, in a scene from Base. Photograph: Carlos Briceño Schütte One week after his wingsuit-flying partner died, Carlos Briceño Schutte launched himself into the void holding an inflatable pig. The drop from the Aiguille du […]

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    Did Mars Once Harbor Deep-Sea Cradles of Life?

    This view from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter shows a 20-kilometer-wide strip of ancient seafloor strewn with deep-basin deposits that have been surrounded by and partially buried beneath younger volcanic deposits. Taken together, the deposits suggest possible past hydrothermal activity. Credit: NASA, JPL-Caltech, MSSS Ancient Mars may have harbored deep-sea hydrothermal vents, the same type of environment where […]

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    Farmer ends life

    A debt-ridden farmer committed suicide by consuming pesticide in his field on the outskirts of Chatnalli village in Shahapur taluk on Friday. He was identified as Bassappa Kondanur (40). According to village sources, he had availed ₹2 lakh loan from private persons and banks. Due to heavy rainfall over the past week, his cotton crop […]

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    Life as it is

    The make-shift stage is dimly lit. Images covered with white piece of cloth start moving in a ghostly manner towards the downstage and remove the piece of cloth. The stage is now brightly lit; music starts playing with distant sounds of a coach being pulled by horses. This is how Anton Chekhov’s most charming masterpiece […]