• Life returns to Barcelona’s Las Ramblas

    Residents and tourists are back on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas avenue, paying tribute to the victims of the deadly van attack that took place there just days before. But even as life returns to the city, for those who witnessed the horror, it will never be the same. Ignacio Sanabria assisted the wounded during Thursday’s attack. […]

  • Paul Kelly: Life Is Fine review – some of his best songs in years

    In the A–Z of Paul Kelly’s career – something he spent some 550 pages discussing in his excellent “mongrel memoir” How to Make Gravy, which obliquely discussed in alphabetical order the inspirations, motivations and memories lurking behind more than 100 of his songs – attention always turns back to his third album, Post, the one […]

  • Maggie O’Farrell: ‘I’ve revealed the secrets I’ve spent my life hiding’

    In an average year, Maggie O’Farrell comes close to death several times. Seized with terror, she dials 999 and is rushed to hospital in a white-knuckle dash that navigates the border of life and death. Breathing becomes impossible, the skin bubbles and blisters; as consciousness fades, cardiac arrest can be just minutes away. The death O’Farrell must […]

  • LIFE
    IRDA defends order on merger of Sahara Life, ICICI Prudential

    Mumbai: The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA) said its order directing the shotgun marriage of Sahara India Life Insurance Co. Ltd and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd was the culmination of a two-year process. The regulator was replying to Sahara’s appeal in the Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT) challenging the merger on the […]

  • LIFE

    Kylie Jenner’s half-hour E! docuseries, Life of Kylie, premiered on Sunday, and based on a number of Twitter reactions, the show didn’t exactly deliver anything different than what’s already been hinted about on her social media accounts. However, there were a few head-scratching takeaways from the first two episodes that aired. She Suffers From Lamborghini Guilt While most […]

  • LIFE
    This weird moon of Saturn has some essential ingredients for life

    If you were going to cook up life on another world, Titan is the place to do it. Saturn’s largest moon is rich with carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen — elements required by all living organisms on Earth. It has two types of wet ingredients — an ocean of water underground and lakes of liquid methane on the surface. And it’s flush […]

  • LIFE
    What is the meaning of life? WIRED (tries to) explain

    Whether you are on your way to work on a rainy morning, lying awake at night unable to sleep, or just gazing up at the stars, you might sometimes find yourself contemplating the meaning of life. It is one of humanity’s biggest questions, and there is no simple answer, but WIRED has spoken to a philosopher […]

  • LIFE
    ICICI Prudential to take over Sahara India Life Insurance

    ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd will take over Sahara India Life Insurance Company Ltd with effect from July 31, 2017. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) on Friday issued an order in accordance with Section 52 B (2) of the Insurance Act, 1938 to this effect. In a first of its kind development […]

  • LIFE
    KAY TO GO! Peter Kay’s Dance For Life 2018 tickets on sale TOMORROW! Dates, venues and prices for the charity dance-a-thon

    What is Dance For Life 2018 all about? Peter Kay’s Dance For Life parties are essentially three hour dance-a-thons hosted by the popular comedian. The dynamic DJ will be behind the decks spinning all of your favourite disco and sing-a-long classics. With profits from ticket sales and any sponsorship money raised going to Cancer Research […]