• Paul Kelly: Life Is Fine review – some of his best songs in years

    In the A–Z of Paul Kelly’s career – something he spent some 550 pages discussing in his excellent “mongrel memoir” How to Make Gravy, which obliquely discussed in alphabetical order the inspirations, motivations and memories lurking behind more than 100 of his songs – attention always turns back to his third album, Post, the one […]

    These are the best business, technology, and media podcasts

    Like 21% of Americans, I’ve listened to a podcast in the last month. For me, these have helped transform a meaningless commute time into idea generating time. As someone most interested in investing in public tech and media companies, I tend to gravitate to podcasts that delve into these areas. That usually means I scan the […]

    The Best Podcasts of 2017 (So Far)

    Halfway into the year, it’s a pretty damn interesting time for podcast fans. There’s a lot happening in the upper echelons of podcasting, and I’ve been tasked with assembling a list of the best shows released so far. In the spirit of acknowledging how bonkers this task is — finding the cream of the crop in […]

    19 Of The Best Food Podcasts 2017

      For those of us interested in the stories behind the food we eat or the drinks we consume, podcasts have become a different kind of fuel. Several months ago, I asked some friends and fellow food writers for their favorite podcasts since I often find myself with time to enjoy more in-depth stories while […]

    Best Podcast Episodes of 2017 So Far

    Podcasts are experiencing yet another renaissance in 2017. Missing Richard Simmons and S-Town filled the Serial-shaped gap in true crime fans’ hearts, even while they stirred controversy. When it came to interviews, hosts coaxed revelations out of the likes of Kevin Durant, Alec Baldwin and Barry Jenkins. A handful of podcasts helped process the election: […]

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    Best Kit for your Side by Side Vehicle

    A side-by-side, or SxS, is a four-wheel drive vehicle designed for off-road use. SxS vehicles are also called Utility Task vehicles (UTVs) or Recreational Off-Highway Vehicles (ROVs). UTVs frequently offer side-by-side seating design. Most offer seat belts for safety and a cargo box positioned at the rear end of the vehicle. UTVs can carry up […]

    The very best quotes from Peaky Blinders

    Truth behind Peaky Blinders The dialogue is one of the main reasons to watch Peaky Blinders . Steven Knight’s words, as spoken by a top-class cast, are simply brilliant. As we eagerly await series four of the hit BBC2 drama set in 1920s gangland Birmingham, we compile the best quotes from the first three series. […]

    The 50 Best Podcasts Right Now

    The podcast renaissance shows no signs of letting up. The impulse to retreat into downloadable radio shows appears to be more appealing than ever, and S-Town, the much-anticipated new series from the producers of 2014’s blockbuster Serial, just dropped seven episodes on Tuesday. Once you’ve made your way through the mystery about a man in […]