How To Stay Motivated Longer, With A Little Help From Science

    We have more motivation available to us than we think, suggests a new study, but finding it requires challenging a few assumptions and rethinking how we organize our time. The study kept daily tabs on about 16,000 volunteers who completed a series of tasks over several months using an online learning platform. Observing how the volunteers engaged the tasks throughout […]

    ‘Deadly Manners’ is a new podcast starring LeVar Burton, Kristen Bell, Anna Chlumsky and RuPaul

    Podcasts are a growing area of interest even for media companies that typically work in TV and other formats, and AMC/Sundance is extending its bet on making something of streaming audio. The show is called “Deadly Manners,” and it’s a fictional murder mystery with some big-name stars, including Kristen Bell, Anna Chlumsky, RuPaul, LeVar Burton, […]

    The New Bedtime Story Is a Podcast

    Ben Stone-Zelman, who plays Luke on the paranormal podcast show “The Ghost of Jessica Majors,” says his character is “like a nerd for ghosts.” CreditBryan Anselm for The New York Times James Kee, a 7-year-old from San Francisco, has found something even better than TV. Since the NPR podcast for kids “Wow in the World” debuted […]

    A Walkthrough of Podcasts in iOS 11

    Podcasts in iOS 11 has given a minor makeover. This revision includes some improvements, some apparent steps backward, and an interface in line with the new iTunes app and Music player in the mobile operating system. Podcasts in iOS 11 takes a pretty big hit in some ways, making me wonder if Apple is asleep […]

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    How to Gather Small Business Loan Documents: A List of What You Need

    Gathering documents while applying for a small business loan is often a hassle. Yet there’s no way to avoid loan documents when you’re trying to secure funds. The best way to minimize the hassle is to be prepared and understand how to value a small business. In other words, know all the loan documents your lender […]


    In the 1930s, families would gather around the radio and listen to their favorite programs. In the days before TVs became a household staple, thousands of Americans would anxiously await public radio shows such as Amos ‘n’ Andy, Adventures of Ellery Queen and President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “fireside chats.” But in modern times, the broadcast radio industry has struggled […]

    LOOK: Miami has a ridiculous ‘Turnover Chain’ for motivation

    Miami has come up with an interesting way to incentivize players to force turnovers. Hurricanes’ defensive coordinator Manny Diaz introduced a “turnover chain” to his players on Saturday before the Bethune-Cookman game, according to a report from 247 Sports. “He told us this morning about the turnover chain,” linebacker Shaquille Quarterman said after the game. “It goes to whoever gets […]

    Motivation a factor for determined Dakota Valley squad

    Dakota Valley football players from left, Brennan Morgan, Zach Masters, Chase Hammerstrom, and Austin Carter are hungry for a postseason berth after missing out last season. NORTH SIOUX CITY | Motivation is a factor which could carry Dakota Valley’s football team a long way this season. A season-opening 21-6 win over perennial South Dakota Class […]