Cowe brings in fashion, lifestyle expo

    HYDERABAD: We Drive 2017 (Women Entrepreneurs Drive), the 10th year of Confederation of women Entrepreneurs India, a three-day COWE’s International Lifestyle Expo is aimed at women from all walks of life. Hyderabad’s one of the largest B2B and B2C Fashion and lifestyle expo will set the ball rolling for these Women Entrepreneurs from all over India […]

  • Bags for life carry food poisoning risk if used for raw meat or fish

      Shoppers could colour-code or label bags to avoid cross-contamination, says Food Standards Agency. Photograph: Anthony Morgan/Alamy   Reusable “bags for life” can spread deadly food poisoning bacteria if they are used to carry raw foods such as fish and meat, consumers have been warned by the government’s food safety watchdog. In revised guidance on its website, […]

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    How to Restore and Take Back Your Work-Life Balance

    As modern technology has advanced, the magnitude of the associated benefits has been staggering. The ability to work from mobile devices, increased platform neutrality, improved productivity applications and the move to cloud-based tools have helped usher in a renaissance of productivity. Unfortunately, one downside to this new era is an often unhealthy work-life balance. Mobile […]

  • Victoria Derbyshire: ‘After cancer, I’m squeezing life out of every second’

    Victoria Derbyshire: ‘Cancer is a lottery in terms of whether you survive or not.’ Photograph: Pal Hansen for the Observer On Monday 27 July 2015, at 4.35am, Victoria Derbyshire was in her kitchen, with the kettle on, Googling “inverted nipple” before leaving home to present her daily BBC2 current affairs programme. Google came up with a […]

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    Life in the bike lane

    ChooseMyBicycle, a venture by Abbishek Bharadwaj and Rohit Kuttappa along with two others, offers fully fitted bicycles to clients It is not uncommon to find cyclists whiz past you in traffic on their way to work or for that matter groups of them take over the roads in the wee hours of the morning on […]

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    The Dealer Who Saved My Life

    Sometimes when I dream, I imagine the sky over Harlem is a lofty arc of stained glass. A dusted copper heaven streaked with gold and siphoned from Klimt’s aureate imagination. A profanely ornate firmament raining down with the cherubic drug dealers I grew up with in the 1970s. A legion of natty angels, felled by […]

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    Portugal has the best quality of life in the world for expats

    If you’re thinking of quitting your job where you live and moving abroad for a new life and career, then Portugal is apparently the place to be. According to one of the world’s most comprehensive reports—Expat Insider 2017—on expats, Portugal has the best quality of life in the world. InterNations, the networking group which conducted […]

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    Kylie’s Testy Relationship With Kendall Is The Most Realistic Part Of Life Of Kylie, “London”

    PHOTO BY: BRIAN BOWEN SMITH/E! ENTERTAINMENT There’s only two more episodes after this week for viewers to fully understand the Life of Kylie, but we covered a lot of ground this week during the sixth episode titled “London.” (Whoever named these episodes is… extremely creative.) This week on the 20-year-old social media star’s spin-off series, we met an adorable […]