7 Inspiring Quotes From President Trump’s 2017 Commencement Speech

    We’ve seen President Donald Trump give a lot of speeches, but recently he delivered one of his most inspiring to Liberty University’s graduating class. On Saturday, May 13, Trump took the stage at the Christian university. While religious themes made up much of the address, his remarks provided universal motivation and encouragement. Follow your dreams, […]

    Washington Sundar thinks his way to success

    T20 cricket is perhaps the most misleadingly sold sport of all. The action is crunched into such a small time frame that to really follow it as a spectator, you need to concentrate fiercely. However, it is marketed almost as though it were a carnival. The cheerleaders, the loud music, the spot interviews, the incessant […]

    Fostering motivation could keep marginalized girls in school

    Education—and girls’ education in particular—is often cited as one of the key pathways out of poverty, but in many parts of the world women and girls still face significant barriers that prevent them from attending school. Now, a field study in Malawi reveals psychological factors played an important role in whether girls attended school, even […]

    10 Bad Habits Entrepreneurs Must Give Up To Be Successful

    As an entrepreneur, success is not negotiable. Unfortunately, despite your knowledge, ambition and talent there are a few disastrous personality quirks that are probably holding you back from realizing your full potential. Therefore, it’s worthwhile to examine ten common bad habits even the most capable people frequently fall prey to. Chances are you’re guilty of […]

  • LIFE
    Suffering from depression? Chronic illness during childhood can be a reason for it

    Children suffering from chronic physical illness may be at increased risk of having depression and anxiety in adulthood, suggests new research. “Our results show that childhood chronic physical illness was significantly associated with adult depression in the total sample of more than 45,000 participants we studied,” said senior researcher on the project Darya Gaysina from […]

  • Racing tips and news: France-Galop claims controversial success

    French officials are claiming their controversial new weight allowance for female jockeys is already showing signs of being a success, based on the early results of the Flat-racing season. Women have ridden twice as many winners as at the equivalent stage last year, they say, and more women are getting rides than in the past. […]

    North Korea claims missile test success

    North Korea’s apparently successful launch of a mid-to-long range missile indicates a significant advance in its drive for an intercontinental ballistic missile, monitors say. The isolated North boasted on Monday that the launch the previous day, supervised by leader Kim Jong Un, was aimed at verifying the capability to carry a ‘large scale heavy nuclear […]

    Mike Francesa’s next gig: Podcasts?

    As the countdown to the WFAN talk show host’s final show on the station–slated for Dec. 2017–continues, many wonder what Francesa will do next. While rumors of a reunion with former co-host Chris Russo are always on the minds of Mike and the Mad Dog fanatics, a reunion in the traditional sense likely doesn’t make sense for […]